How to charge phone in your car

In order that in a long journey not to remain without mobile communication, phone will suddenly be discharged, it is worth getting the special charging device which works from the lighter.

1. The charging device will provide to you uninterrupted communication if your phone was discharged, and it is necessary to talk urgently. You simply insert charging into the lighter, and in it already connect the phone. The charge which started being gathered, will allow you to talk some time and when conversation is ended, phone will be charged completely.


2. The charging devices intended for their inclusion in the car lighter are on sale in all shops trading in household appliances. At a choice of charging it is necessary to pay attention to length of the plug which is directly inserted into the lighter. Choose with the longest which for certain will approach any lighter. On some models of a car the slot of the lighter is located very deeply and if the plug of charging is short, it simply will not contact with the lighter.


3. Before use of the charging device surely carry out preventive cleaning of the slot of the lighter, especially if you used it to destination. Inside dust, fibers from an upholstery of a car or a part of tobacco and ashes can accumulate. All this garbage can prevent charging to earn as it will carry out a role of a peculiar isolation through which necessary 12 V will not be able to arrive on the charging device. It is best of all to make cleaning of the lighter by means of the car vacuum cleaner.


4. Charging devices from the lighter happen specially under certain models of phones.


5. And happen universal to which it is possible to connect not only phone, but also it is a lot of others devices useful on the way. The charging device from the lighter – the thing necessary in any car, especially if you the inveterate motorist and often go on a long distance. Good luck on roads!