Toyota hides truth about quality of their cars

On July 11 it became known that the Toyota company hid for eight (!) years essential malfunctions in the Toyota Hilux Surf car.

In August, 2004 in Japanese prefecture of Kumamoto five people suffered serious injuries during a head-on collision with Toyota Hilux Surf of 1993 at which rudder control refused. At that time got off with Toyota with a response rather small in terms of the scope of in 330.000 Hilux Surf which are let out during the period from 1988 to 1996. Thus the company did not begin to withdraw the cars released from 1996 to 2004 in which the steering rack of the same design was used and also closed eyes to 80 documentary recorded facts of refusal of rudder control which caused accidents.


On June 11, 2006 the authorities of prefecture of Kumamoto brought charges to 3 employees of the Toyota company who in last years were engaged in quality control. From them only two are in an active service in the company, the last already on pension today. Office and official investigations are begun.